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Quilts Through The Seasons

Quilts Through the Seasons

American Beauty - Episode #2807

Traditionally called Rocky Mountain or New York Beauty, this pattern dates from 1860-1870. The block was also named Lady Liberty because the points in the block are similar to the crown on the Statue of Liberty. This pattern is usually paper pieced, but American Beauty is made with Quilt in a Day's method of fusible applique. If you prefer sharp points, stick with paper piecing. But if paper piecing is a mystery to you, try this easy method.

Plan your quilting time. The best way to enjoy this pattern is in three sessions. Cut and sew pieces in the first session, just before your favorite TV show. Take all sewn pieces and applique tools to your easy chair, turn on a bright floor lamp, and then trim and turn to your hearts content, as your TV drama drones on. In the third session, fuse and stitch down the "beauties".

American Beauty can be found on Pg. 140 in Quilts Through the Seasons.