Quilt in a Day Media Theater

Country Fair

Double Pinwheel Quilt, Part 1
Episode #2101

The names Double Pinwheel and Double Windmill both describe this traditional pattern. You will find Double Pinwheel a most enjoyable quilting experience. The surprise is turning out an equal number of pinwheels that spin in different directions. One set of pinwheels is for the body of the quilt and the other set is for the border. Yardages are provided for both Small and Large block quilts in each size from Wallhanging to King. 

The strip method produces two types of pinwheels. You automatically have blocks for the body of the quilt and blocks for the border. The body and border pinwheels turn, or spin, in different directions so they may not be used together. In the Three Fabric and Multi-fabric quilts, the colors are reversed in the two blocks. The yardage charts give you the choice of making the Double Pinwheel quilt for either size block with Two Fabrics, Three Fabrics, or Multi-fabrics. The more contrast in the values, the more the pinwheel will show.